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Our Story

Our Story Frank Cecci, Alex Deiser Artwork Sale, artworksale. canvas print
Frank Ceci
Our Story - Water and Ice, alex deiser, artworksale, artwork sale, canvas print
Alex Deiser
Artist-Inspired Gallery Platform

For the Artist by the Artist to Share with the World!

Our story has a humble beginning with tremendously talented people with roots in art and photography.

Technology has brought great advances to selling art online especially for notable museums and art galleries. But independent artists are getting lost in this technology and struggle to gain exposure for their creations. This is especially difficult for emerging artists who have no gallery representation.

Realizing this dilemma, entrepreneurs Frank Ceci and Alex Deiser have collaborated and brought to life a new type of artist-inspired gallery platform. ArtworkSale helps position independent artists on a more level playing field towards gaining recognition, and selling their work.

Himself a craftsman, Frank was raised the son of artists in both New York and Mexico. Surrounded from a young age by his mother's unique creations and his father's graphic design at the seminal Push Pin Studios, Frank later helped build and operate both a successful artwork-framing business, and a fine art printing studio.

Alex Deiser is an artist and a successful businessman in the field of marketing and product development. An avid photographer, he has been fascinated with photography since early childhood.

As professionals in their fields, Alex and Frank appreciate the effort involved in creating quality artwork, and are finely tuned to how a photograph or art reproduction will look its best. ArtworkSale strives to offer affordable art prints with museum-quality results - it’s our pledge to you! "Our story is just starting. We invite like-minded artists to be a part of our story," says Alex.

Artists' Choice
Our canvas giclee printing services cater to photographers and artists who seek the finest quality when it comes to presenting their work. We are professional photographers with more than 40 years of experience in reproduction and printing.

Art is In the Eye of the Beholder

Experience the Art of Buying Great Artwork

For the Love of Art

Our goal is to help you find the ideal artwork for all your needs. Whether for home or office use or as a perfect gift, you’ll be amazed at our broad selection brought to you by our talented artists and photographers.

Art with Soul

At ArtworkSale, you are not just buying a wall hanging, you’re purchasing a little heart and soul that each artist and photographer instills in their creative work. Watch videos of artists making their creations and get the backstory of their labor of love.

Museum Quality Art Prints

Not only do you receive unparalleled artwork created by known and emerging artists and photographers, but you will notice the expertise of skilled craftsmanship in every finished product you order. Buy with confidence.

Interior Designers’ Art Source

Interior designers, corporate buyers, architects, and trade professionals will find exceptional artwork perfectly suited for the environments they design. Be it for contemplation, beauty, or function, our art prints will add aesthetically pleasing ambiance to the spaces you create.

ArtworkSale Community

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Testimonials Tell Our Story

What Our Customers Say

A. Norman Deiser

I’ve had quite a number of my photos printed and stretched by Photo Canvas Arts/ artworksale, and they are far an away the best prints I’ve ever had. They are crisp, and dynamic in print quality and color.

A. Norman Deiser

Artist - Photographer
Christian C.

I’ve worked with Photo Canvas Arts on a number of occasions, for a variety of art prints. For each project, Frank took the time to understand the goals of the piece so that we could discuss the possibilities for the final output.

Christian C.

Artist - Designer
Melissa Bradshaw

We love Photo Canvas Arts and Frank! He is absolutely the best to work with. Very patient, knowledgeable, and honest. High quality work that we’ve used in our businesses and homes. Highly recommend!

Melissa Bradshaw

Art Collector
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