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After Signup

Sell Like a Pro

What Happens After I Sign Up?

After you sign up, you will be brought to a step-by-step Setup Wizard to create your Art Gallery. It is essential to provide as much detail as possible so that potential buyers can learn more about you and your art and can view the art you want to sell.

IMPORTANT: If you do not provide details or images, your Art Gallery cannot be displayed.

1. Step-by-Step Setup Wizard

The Setup Wizard covers basic details such as:
• Store information
• Where to send your commission payments
• Your social media links

2. Dashboard Settings

Once you are finished with the Setup Wizard you can access your Dashboard where you can provide essential details and images to display in your Art Gallery such as:
• Artist type
• Brief artist description
• Artist quote
• Artist Image
• Credentials
• Portrait of Artist section with text and image
• In Studio Gallery section with images

3. Profile Manager

In the Profile Manager, provide details on:
• Personal
• Address
• Social
• Additional Info

4. What's Next?

It's time to send high-resolution images of your artwork to ArtworkSale. We'll use these images for art print production and add these images to your gallery. This process can take several business days to complete after we receive your images. Follow our simple instructions to submit your artwork.

Need to take a picture of your artwork? Use our guide on how to photograph your artwork for best results to sell art prints.

Finally, we'll make any necessary adjustments to your Art Gallery to optimize the best selling experience.

5. Time to Sell!

We'll be preparing to promote your artwork through our marketing channels.

Once you see images of your artwork added to your Art Gallery, be sure to get the word out! Inform your customers, prospects, and audiences, and send them a link to your ArtworkSale Art Gallery.

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