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Ana Tamayo

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Window to a Tropical Universe

Ana Tamayo

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My works are an extension of my being - mind, body, spirit

In her work Ana continuously tries to question herself about the representation of nature as a window to a tropical universe, full of sensations, some figurative others conceptual. Within this process, design and composition play a paramount function that emerges spontaneously. Ana’s art is like a bridge, that goes from her identity as a Colombian, by remembering the essence, of how unlimited nature is in her strokes and deep colors. Her works are an extension of her being (mind, body, spirit) as a consequence of a disciplined creative process, curiosity of spirit, and dedication to research, which have proven to be definitive in her work as a visual artist.

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All Artworks by Ana Tamayo

Ana 6 by Ana Tamayo, ArtworkSale
Ana 6

Ana Tamayo

Ana 5 by Ana Tamayo, ArtworkSale
Ana 5

Ana Tamayo

Ana 2 by Ana Tamayo, ArtworkSale
Ana 2

Ana Tamayo

Ana 1 by Ana Tamayo, ArtworkSale
Ana 1

Ana Tamayo

Ana 3 by Ana Tamayo ArtworkSale
Ana 3

Ana Tamayo

Ana 7 by Ana Tamayo ArtworkSale
Ana 7

Ana Tamayo

Ana 8 by Ana Tamayo, ArtworkSale
Ana 8

Ana Tamayo

Ana 4 by Ana Tamayo ArtworkSale
Ana 4

Ana Tamayo


Portrait of Ana Tamayo

Emotional Well-Being

Ana uses different materials and techniques that give her the possibility to visualize recurrent themes such as water, birds, leaves, plants, flowers, especially orchids as Colombian symbols and of awareness. The colors in her paintings transform into shapes that flow like dynamic curves and undulating lines with the effort to represent her interpretation of nature in constant movement. She studies emotional well-being through cathartic experiences and meditation. The connections between subjects that represent fauna and flora, for her are trips to femininity.

International Exhibitions

Ana has works in private collections in the United States, in foreign countries, and in public spaces. She has exhibited internationally at Liberty Equities exhibitions at the International Plaza Buildings, at The Boca Raton Museum of Art, The Art School, Women in the Visual Arts 13th Annual Open in Boca Raton, The Gaudí Gallery in Madrid and at The Pop up Art Exhibition on Serrano St. in Madrid. She has also participated in the Lyon Art Fair in France, as well as in the Fair of Lucca in Italy. Ana currently has a body of work in the law firm offices of Nelson Mullins inside Lynn Financial Center in Boca Raton. She lives and works in Miami.

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