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Igor Mirvelov

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Igor Mirvelov

United States (US)


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Each of Igor’s paintings of waves is meticulously composed of layer upon layer of paint. As his favorite subject is the ocean, he predominantly works in a range of blended blue pigments. These sea-inspired jewel tones are beautifully accented by the white, green, and brown hues that represent sea foam, aquatic plants, and sand, respectively. Igor also employs different techniques in his practice, and describes his detail-oriented, color-centric style as “semi-abstract, abstract and in some cases verging on impressionism embracing old world techniques.”

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All Artworks by Igor Mirvelov

Waves by Igor Mirvelov, ArtworkSale

Igor Mirvelov

Wave Crest by Igor Mirvelov, ArtworkSale
Wave Crest

Igor Mirvelov

Sea Fantasy by Igor Mirvelov, ArtworkSale
Sea Fantasy

Igor Mirvelov

New World by Igor Mirvelov, ArtworkSale
New World

Igor Mirvelov

Before the Rain by Igor Mirvelov, ArtworkSale
Before the Rain

Igor Mirvelov


Portrait of Igor Mirvelov

Old World Training

I was born in Georgia in 1965, near the Black Sea in the former USSR Republic. I was painting since I was 3 years old, and I attended the most prestigious Art School in the former USSR. I came to South Florida in 1992. Since arriving I have sought to apply Old World Techniques and Styles to my new work here in the USA. I have become energized by the rich diversity of America and South Florida with the goal of capturing the timeless beauty of the Old Masters by embracing the new reality today.


Some highlights of my career and Celebrity Clients are: Celine Dion; Rod Stewart, Cedella Marley (daughter of the Legendary Jamaican Reggae Singer Bob Marley); Ivan Rodriguez (former Miami Marlins Player); Evander Holyfield; Gary Sheffield; Tim Hardaway; and John Ferolito, Founder and former President of Arizona Iced Tea and many others…..

I hope I can continue to move others by their Inner Voice when engaging with my Art.

Igor Mirvelov artworksale artist
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