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Alberto Insua

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The Warrior Who Fights Alone

Alberto Insua

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If I could be controlled, I'd come with a remote.

Alberto Insua (Mao) is a visual artist and graphic designer who lives and works in South Florida. A native of Peru, Mao grew up wandering among the Pre-Columbian and Inca power places from another time and way of living that left an indelible imprint on his visual language. The dramatic and sharp contrasts between the Peruvian deserts, mountains and desolated coastlines were his playground and education where he received and cultivated a connection to the magical nature of Mother Earth.

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All Artworks by Alberto Insua

Spring by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale

Alberto Insua

Abstract by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale

Alberto Insua

Emerging Spirit by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Emerging Spirit

Alberto Insua

Resting by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale

Alberto Insua

Blue Avian by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Blue Avian

Alberto Insua

Cosmic Dancer by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Cosmic Dancer

Alberto Insua

The Phoenix by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
The Phoenix

Alberto Insua

Cycles by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale

Alberto Insua

Stairway to Heaven by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Stairway To Heaven

Alberto Insua

Red on Blue by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Red On Blue

Alberto Insua

El Guardial by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
El Guardial

Alberto Insua

Colorful Vibrations by Alberto Insua, ArtworkSale
Colorful Vibrations

Alberto Insua


Portrait of Alberto Insua

Visionary Imagination

Well-versed in the shamanic cultures and plant medicines, his visionary imagery is vibrant with ancient symbols and technologies based on light and sound vibrations. Engaging with his works is a multidimensional journey into the heart and soul of our human ancestors to receive their sacred wisdom as we step into our own future as Beings of Light on a benevolent planet Earth. His work allows you to enter and discover for yourself your own inner landscapes where color, shape and texture invite you to decipher a personal connection to these astral and mystical worlds.

The Warrior who fights alone

It's not Alberto's raised voice that you should worry about, its when he's completely silent. As only so few men can do, Alberto loves unconditionally with his whole heart. He is not a show-off or a flatterer because what you see is what you get. He would rather be judged for being real than loved for hanging out with the wrong crowed. Although his bluntness can be intimidating at times, you will never find a bigger heart in the universe. But it would be a mistake to push this stubbornly independent man too far. Alberto is not afraid to leave if you take advantage of his kindness.

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