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Patrick Henning

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Patrick Henning

Pictures in the Moment

Patrick Henning


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My pictures are never about the perfect lighting, the perfect complexion, or the perfect setting. What makes my pictures is the moment.

Patrick considers himself an opportunistic photographer. “My pictures are never about the perfect lighting, the perfect complexion, or the perfect setting. What makes my pictures is the moment. It is unplanned and un-staged. It depicts the raw nature of the present. The beauty of the moment is that there is no right or wrong. It is there in order to trigger desires, set moods, and cure sadness. It manifests through facial expression, wrinkles, colors, or even shape. No moment is ever the same. Colors change according to the light, people’s expressions change according to their mood, and sceneries change with the sun.”

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Shanghai by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale

Patrick Henning

Paradise Found by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
Paradise Found

Patrick Henning

Triumphadora by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale

Patrick Henning

Soul Searching by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
Soul Searching

Patrick Henning

4th of July Flyover by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
4th of July Flyover

Patrick Henning

Bridge to Nowhere by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
Bridge to Nowhere

Patrick Henning

Hard at Work by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
Hard at Work

Patrick Henning

Blue Dream by Patrick Henning, ArtworkSale
Blue Dream

Patrick Henning

Soul Layers by Patrick Henning. ArtworkSale - Buy or Sell Art Prints
Soul Layers

Patrick Henning


Portrait of Patrick Henning

The Journey

Patrick Henning was born in Paris, France, and later moved to the U.S. in 1987. Patrick’s passion for photography all began in 1991 with an adventure to South Africa. He would later note that he was greatly influenced by a scene in which a mother had wrapped her little boy in a colorful blanket and placed him on her back.

At that moment, Patrick instantly grasped the power of photography and its ability to capture pure and authentic moments. Since then, Patrick has traveled around the world to photograph unique and sincere moments.

The skills Patrick has acquired over the years are attributed to Photographer Bernard Friedel, a close mentor.

International Recognition

In 2005, Patrick was invited to London to participate in an expo on Bullfighting. Patrick has also participated in local expos and has acquired quite a following of admirers who purchase his art and follow his adventures around the world.

In the Studio

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