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One-Time Setup Fee, You Get:

- Full-featured art gallery

- Offer up to 40 artworks

- Art listed in up to 10 categories

- Receive 70% of profit minus production cost*

- Create an online art gallery in minutes

- - Feature your art related videos 

- Social media integration

- Free art promotion

- Free feature story after first 5 sales

- Artist gallery listing

- Search engine optimization

- Includes reports

- Free site management

- We take care of shipping

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Save time and effort. We'll do all the heavy lifting for you to get your Art Gallery up and running. You can focus on being creative while we take care of production, shipping, and marketing.

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* Artists receive 70% of the profit minus production cost. ArtworkSale receives 30% of the profit minus production cost. Production cost is added to ArtworkSale’s share. 


What Our Artists and Photographers Say

Quality service you can trust.

Jessica Jay

This is one of the best markets where you can sell your photographs! I appreciate the great features and benefits. Thank you for having our back when it comes to getting much needed exposure.

Jessica Jay

Mary Dawson

This is my first time selling my art online and ArtworkSale has made it super simple for me to do that. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.

Mary Dawson

LaTonya Jones

It’s been tough selling my art online with so much competition. But then I came across ArtworkSale and they make it so easy to do for a non-techy artist like me. It’s less worry and I have more time to make more art!  

LaTonya Jones


Sell your original works as art prints.




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Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to commonly asked questions about joining ArtworkSale.

You must be at least 18 years of age to join ArtworkSale. Emerging artists use ArtworkSale to accelerate exposure for their works of art. We support both emerging and established artists and photographers who desire a professional online platform and fulfillment service to sell high quality art prints of their artwork.

A whole host of photography and paintings in a variety of mediums can be sold through ArtworkSale as long as they can be reproduced as art prints. Most are sold as open editions, but we also allow limited editions. All submitted artwork is subject to our Terms and Conditions regarding objectionable material.

First, you will need to purchase our gallery plan for a one-time registration fee. Then you can complete your profile and gallery details. Be sure to add information about yourself so buyers can learn a little something about you and your art. Then follow the instructions on submitting your artwork to ArtworkSale. 

When your artwork is sold, it goes to our production facility and your artwork is reproduced as a museum quality art print on canvas or fine quality papers. Our expert craftsmen are meticulous about preserving your artwork’s integrity in producing the final product. Once completed, the finished art print is shipped from the facility straight to the buyer.

Yes. We have a non-exclusive policy so you are free to sell your artwork at other galleries and online platforms. 

Packaging and shipping will be handled by us. No logistic worries for you. All you do is focus on getting creative and promoting your art! You will be notified when the shipment has gone out.

Payments are sent to you on the 15th of each month for all of your sales that were received by ArtworkSale on or before the 15th of the previous month which were not subsequently canceled or returned within 30 days after the sale date. All payments are sent via the payment method you selected when you created your ArtworkSale account. There is a minimum balance required to receive a payment. If your payment due is greater than $10, the payment will be sent.

You are entitled to 70% of the profit on each sale. Profit is calculated from the final sale price minus print production costs. ArtworkSale receives 30% of the profit on each sale after production costs. If a promotional discount is applied at the time of purchase, the 70/30 share applies to the discounted price as well. 

We select nationally recognized and professional and up and coming artists and photographers that have the greatest potential for sales. We emphasize having credentials which contribute to the salability of products. Although such achievements are not necessarily required, they are highly favored by potential buyers. 

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