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How to Send Large Images to ArtworkSale

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How to Send Large Images to ArtworkSale

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How to Send Large Images to ArtworkSale

  1. Overview
  2. Types of Images
  3. Image Specifications
    • File Format
    • Filename
    • File size
  4. Image Description
    • Details
    • Copyright
  5. Sending Large Images
    • Sending via File Sharing
    • Sending via Email
    • Outlook
    • Gmail
    • Apple
  6. Image Assessment
1. Overview

You’ve completed all your preparations for your artwork and now you are ready to send a high-resolution image to ArtworkSale. Because we are dealing with very large size image files, it is important to follow these guidelines for the successful transmission of your file.

The images you send to ArtworkSale serve a few purposes:

  • Each high-resolution image will be used for art print production.
  • The image will be featured in your art gallery, art showcase, and other areas of the ArtworkSale website.
  • ArtworkSale will place your image on a wall/room background so visitors viewing your art can visualize what it might look like in their space.
2. Type of Images

These are the types of high-resolution images and media that you can send to us that we will add to your gallery:

  • Photographs as art
  • Photographs of original artwork such as paintings, drawings, and mixed media
  • Digital art such as computer generated or digitally enhanced
  • Videos on subjects such as in-studio, artist at work, interview, awards, or media coverage
  • Audio such as interviews and news clips

Some images can be low-resolution which means they have a small file size and can be easily sent to ArtworkSale as attachments via email. The include snapshots of in-studio, artist at work, artist portrait, exhibits, and similar.

3. Image Specifications

When sending us your files there are certain specifications to follow to ensure expeditious processing of your images. Specifications include file format, filename, and file size. Use the following guidelines.

3.1. File Format

We accept files in the following formats:

  • Image in RGB color format and file format: jpg, jpeg, tif, tiff, or png
  • Video file format: mp4
  • Audio file format: mp3
3.2. Filename

We handle an extraordinary large number of images and it is important to follow a file naming convention so we can easily keep track of the files you submit to us. The filename should include the name of your art gallery followed by the image name which will be used as the art title, followed by series number if the image is part of a series. Use a hyphen between each word. For example:

  • A non-series filename: Mio-Gallery-Blue-Dog.jpg
  • A series filename: Mio-Gallery-Red-Dog-001.jpg
3.3 File Size

The larger the file size you send to ArtworkSale, the better-quality art print will be produced. This is because the higher the resolution, the clearer the image, which translates to a better-looking art print. Your image size should be at least 1500 X 1200 pixels.

4. Image Description

In the message area of the email, provide a brief description of the artwork. Buyers like to know the story behind the art.

4.1. Details

This would include details such as:

  • Art style: painting, photography, watercolor, digital art, mixed media, etc.
  • Inspiration: Who or what inspired you to do the work.
  • Impression: What do you want visitors to think or feel about the art.
4.2 Copyright

Additionally, and this is very important, we need to know if you are the copyright holder of each artwork that you send to us. Include this statement in the message are of your email in order for ArtworkSale to process your art:

I am the copyright holder of this artwork.

5. Sending Large Images

Sending very large size images can be challenging but there are some solutions that we’ll explain here.

5.1. Sending via File Sharing

Quite often people use file hosting services such as Dropbox, Sync, or IceDrive which are easy to use and secure. A simple, reliable file transfer service we recommend is WeTransfer. They specialize in sending large files via email or transfer link and offer free as well as paid accounts.

5.2. Sending via Email

In the Subject line of your email, include the name of your Art Gallery and the word “Images” as in this example: Mio Gallery Images.

Send your email to: images@artworksale.co

Most email services have attachment size limitations, usually 20MB-25MB. There are excellent alternative ways you can send large images if you have any of these commonly used email accounts:

5.3. Gmail

Send large size files through Gmail using Google Drive. Compose your email in Gmail and then select an attachment. If your file is greater than 25MB, Gmail automatically adds a Google Drive link in the email instead of including it as an attachment. 

5.4. Outlook

The best way to send large files via Outlook is by first saving your file to OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage service, and then sending a link to the file. It works this way: If you attempt to attach a very large file to your email, you will be prompted with the option “Upload and Share as a One Drive – Personal Link.” Select that option and Outlook will automatically insert a link in the message area of your email. You may be given the option to resize the image, select “Do not resize image.”

5.5. Apple

According to Apple Support, “With Mail Drop, you can send attachments up to 5GB in size. You can send these attachments right from Mail on your Mac, the Mail app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, and from iCloud.com on your Mac or PC. All file types are supported, and attachments don’t count against your iCloud storage. If a message, including its attachments, is larger than your Internet Service Provider (ISP) limit, Mail will ask you to send the attachments using Mail Drop.”

6. Image Assessment

Once we receive your image, we will assess its quality and salability. This process takes several business days. If there is an issue, we will contact you.

If you need assistance, we are here to help you. Contact our Support Team at support@artworksale.co.

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