Often asked in photography is this simple question: How do you take a great photograph? The answer may surprise you. It’s not just simply point and click. It’s more complex than it seems.

Mere lighting, composition, and other considerations do not sufficiently answer the question. There is much more to consider. Photography as an art form reflects one’s inner self or is completely departed from it. A great photograph can be an immersive experience. It can harbor the power to provoke thought and transport viewers to another realm.

Great images, despite their differences, have something in common: Each photograph is the product of a focused goal that optimally expresses the photographer’s intentions. Satisfaction comes when the photographer’s expression successfully connects with the audience.

The Art of Seeing

The art of photography is akin to the art of seeing. Increasing awareness of surroundings helps bring focus and clarity to endless photo possibilities. Become keenly aware of texture, how light and shadow play, shapes and lines, movement and distance – these can be easily overlooked but may hold the key to a great photograph. Focus on the most appealing aspect of the subject. Draw on its essence for the most impact, then point and click the most compelling shot.

Leaning on a purely technical understanding of photography will likely produce technically correct results. But where is the soul or essence of that image that should create an emotional connection with the viewer? A deeper dive with a vested interest in self-expression will yield far better results. 

Point and Click Self-Expression

Generally, photographs are taken to be shared with others who will see and be moved by them in some way. The photographer savors appreciation in many ways, for example, in sales volume, glowing reviews, and social media likes.

Photography evolved and gained popularity as early as the 1830s ushering in new and unseen imagery to public view. Today, technological advances are elevating the photographer’s freedom of expression. So, point and click with purpose and vision and share it with the world.

Great photographs capture something immeasurable that goes far beyond a snapshot in time. They project a certain timelessness and keep viewers coming back for more. Once the photographer’s goal has been met and the true essence of the subject captured, then and only then will a great photograph be shared with the world.

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