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alex deiser
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Alex Deiser: Painting with the Camera

Meet our artists and photographers who use ArtworkSale to share their creative works with the world.

Alex Deiser is an emerging artist who was born and raised in Linz, Austria and moved to the United States at the age of 24. Alex is a successful business man in the field of marketing and product development and has been a photographer all his life. He is fascinated by finding subjects that are part of the architecture and fabric of daily life. His series "Seen The Unseen" is a fantastic collection of photography taken over the past eight years.

Alex’s photographic style attempts to reconnect us with our surroundings which he sees as reflections of life. His photographs compel viewers to look at photography with a new perspective through his creative eyes. Alex asks viewers to let their imagination flow. His photography presents a challenge to merge into his vision and creativity. For example, see the unseen in a steel door, a pool of flowers, a tree stump, an Intracoastal bridge, a hole in the wall, and many more. Each image has a story to tell making everyday surroundings more meaningful and a reflection of life.

Alex's images are photographs printed on canvas that are then further worked as paintings. Clear paint is used to stylize or emphasize aspects of the photographic materials, to add texture and layering to reproduce the original inspiration. This process is a hybrid between painting and photography which Alex calls "Painting with the Camera".

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Learn about artists and photographers who use ArtworkSale to share their creative works with the world

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Jessica Jay

This is one of the best markets where you can sell your photographs! I appreciate the great features and benefits. Thank you for having our back when it comes to getting much needed exposure.

Jessica Jay

Mary Dawson

This is my first time selling my art online and ArtworkSale has made it super simple for me to do that. I couldn’t be happier with the service they provide.

Mary Dawson

LaTonya Jones

It’s been tough selling my art online with so much competition. But then I came across ArtworkSale and they make it so easy to do for a non-techy artist like me. It’s less worry and I have more time to make more art!  

LaTonya Jones

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